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It’s a big step from business school to the corner office. Help your students close the gap with Capstone® business simulation. The interactive platform provides students with the opportunity to test assumptions and learn from mistakes so they are better prepared to step confidently into their business career. Through Capstone, students get the chance to apply what they have learned across all disciplines of business in one strategic, competitive, engaging learning experience.

Engage your students in a dynamic, competitive, hands-on learning environment to master the complexities of business. Capstone® simulation allows students to take over a fast-growing company distributing five products to five market segments with different sizes, growth rates, and external pressures.

The interactive interface provides students with key information to answer critical strategic questions.

The markets in the simulation grow and contract, creating an intense competitive environment. If one company is losing, it is because one or more competitors is out-marketing, out-innovating or out-producing it. The competitive energy and emotions anchor learning for effective retention of key concepts and unforgettable business learning. Capstone is ideal for strategy, finance, capstone or upper-level courses for seniors or graduate students.

Learning in a risk-free environment

By making mistakes and learning how to correct them, students experience cross-functional integration first-hand including:

  • how accounting relates to production.
  • how marketing integrates with research and development
  • how sales forecasts impact operations
Integrating theory and practice

Success in business begins with strategy. It can only be achieved, however, through the inevitable compromises and trade-offs inherent in the decisions managers make every day on finance, operations, marketing and more.

To grasp how the individual parts of a business impact the entire organization, nothing beats the experience of running a business in a competitive marketplace. Capstone® provides that experience—without the real-world risk—along with the opportunity to practice the financial, intellectual, and human skills required for successful business management.

Easily adapts to your class

Depending on your course structure, Capstone can be used in the classroom, online or both. You decide if students should compete in teams against each other or as individuals against virtual companies. It can even be tailored to fit your class schedule.

Capstone is suitable for small groups to large learning programs with over 1,000 students. It is versatile enough to be used in classes, across schools, for executive education, and in special seminar programs across the world.

An engaging student experience

A more intuitive user interface simplifies students’ online experience and provides immediate feedback with answers when they need them, right on screen.

Immersed in the realistic complexities of a $100 million corporation, each management team or individual CEO takes over a struggling company. Working with limited time and resources, each company must balance competing needs and demands to keep their business on a clear strategic path.

Course Details

  • Certificate: NA
  • Durations: 40hrs
  • Course Delivery: Online
  • Language: English

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